Radio NZ

A short documentary about a stoner rock band from Whangaparoa who won a slot at Rock2Wgtn, a huge concert headlined by Lordi, Alice Cooper and KISS. 7′ 9″

Hamilton Circle Jerk 2008 

A look at the Hamilton music scene centered around the infamous Circle Jerk gig. 25′ 15″


Inside Track: Max TV 

Part of a series of documentaries, this episode looks at the fall and rise of Auckland's first dedicated music TV channel. 14'53"

Joss Whedon 

A 2007 interview with the director of The Avengers and creator of pop culture icon Buffy The Vampire Slayer. 19'07"

Helen Clark 

A 2007 interview with the then Prime Minister about several issues in the news that week. 

Random Funny Stuff

Man's Best Friend 

A chat with Andrew Patton, the director of a documentary about his dog, Milly.