Hello there. My name is José. I'm a New Zealand born man who does quite a bit of different stuff. I've been a cartoonist, a radio broadcaster and producer, a TV presenter/researcher/director and a writer. I'm currently Senior Content Creator at The Spinoff where I produce all types of content: video, podcasts and text. Here's some of the places I've worked and the jobs I've had. Have a read below, then have a gander at the rest of the site. Feel free to contact me at jfbarbosa@gmail.com.

  • I directed and edited one season of The Spinoff TV for Three

  • I co-wrote and directed the 6 episode Lightbox series Get It To Te Papa

  • I researched, wrote and directed The Naughty Bits, a 3 x 1 hour documentary series examining the history of censorship in New Zealand for Prime TV.

  • I've written reviews and interviewed people for print and online. Ditto for cartooning.

  • I was part of the team at Media7 and Media3, two factual series examining media issues for TVNZ7 and TV3. I was the field reporter and wrote and directed tracks for both shows.

  • I was the News and Editorial Director at 95bFM. I hosted current affairs shows and ran the volunteer news department. I also produced the Breakfast show hosted by Mikey Havoc.

When I'm not doing all this carry on I can usually be found eating chips, playing DayZ or cursing at something I've dropped on the floor.