The Spinoff vs coverage of the anti-TPP protests

Produced as part of my gig at NZ's top media and culture website The Spinoff

Parkable Promo

Commissioned by Directed and edited by José Barbosa. DOP: Louis Olsen.

The Naughty Bits: Psyche's Bath

The story of how in 1906 two classical paintings caused a stir in Auckland, New Zealand. This was from The Naughty Bits, a three part documentary series about the history of censorship in New Zealand. It originally screened in 2015 on Prime TV and was written and directed by myself. Graphics by Jared Kahi and Jeremy Masters.


Commissioned by Spark this is the first in a planned season of videos introducing the audience to different shows available on the Lightbox streaming service. Written and edited by myself.

SpotlightBox Part Two

Part of the Spark commission, this shoot was directed and edited by myself.

F hap1

Written (with Barnie Duncan), shot and edited by myself this is a series of online videos commissioned by the Auckland Fringe to publise their 2015 festival. 

Cosplay: Making the Unreal Real

A short documentary made for arts and culture website The Pantograph Punch. It  follows the journey of a Wellington cosplayer to the Auckland Armageddon Trans-Tasman Cosplay competition. 

Showreel 2011

A collection of excerpts from stories made for TVNZ's Media7. All were written and directed by myself. 

Interview with DayZ developer Dean Hall

A segment for Media3 exploring the popular zombie video game DayZ. This story required several techniques to explain the world of gaming and game modding to an audience unfamiliar with such terms.

Strife In Middle Earth - 2010

Made for TVNZ's Media7, this video explains the complicated story of the 2010 industrial dispute around the filming of The Hobbit. 

A Month In The Life Of A Journalist In Afghanistan

This is a quiet and understated look at the NZ journalist Jon Stephenson. This track follows Stephenson as he works as a journalist for McClatchy in Kabul.

Made for TVNZ7's Media7 and using footage shot and provided by director Annie Goldson.

24 Hours Of Community Radio

A story about the people who work and volunteer at Planet FM, New Zealand's most diverse community radio station with 40 plus nationalities represented. An unusual piece for mainstream TV in that we actually spent 24 hours at Planet FM so we could capture the heart of the organisation.

How The Internet Works

A video track designed to show how the internet works. More specifically we used a service station car wash to explain what the DNS domain name system is, how it works and introduce the organisation that oversees the system in New Zealand.

Māori Maps

A look at a remarkable online project which maps every single Marae in Aotearoa. José talks to Paul Tapsell, the director of the site which aims to help Māori reconnect with their iwi and ancestral homes.

Saving Our Digital Heritage

A look at work underway and obstacles faced in the race to save New Zealand's digital heritage. This track also looks at New Zealand's computer manufacturing industry that shone breifly in the 1980s. 

The Murder of Harvey and Jeanette Crewe

Made as a setup track for a panel discussion on the infamous murders of 1970. I researched, sourced, worte and directed the segment. 

Censorship Documentary Promo

A promo made for Topshelf Productions giving the flavour of a proposed documentary about the history of censorship in New Zealand. A more "naughty" version can be viewed here.

Fringe In The Park 2013

A short video commissioned by The Edge for the 2013 Fringe Festival. This was just one of a series of online videos marketing the festival. 

Auckland Fringe 2013 - How To Register

Another video for the Fringe Festival. The brief was to explain the registration process to artists.

New Performance Festival Trailer 2012

A low budget online trailer for The Edge promoting the New Perfomance Festival. 

The Intriguing World Of Prance

A segment orginally broadcast on the now defunct Alt TV channel.

The Spinoff vs The 2015 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards

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