Life Is Unfair For Us Spidermen / by Jose Barbosa

Life is unfair. Take the horrendous injustice that I call the Spidey Inequity. If I was to start wearing a Spiderman costume in my daily life I would be looked down upon by my fellow citizens.

Yet if a child were to do the same, the little tike would either be ignored or fawned over. Society says "ok, all you people under the age of six, you can wear what the hell you want, but all you people over thirty you can't. In fact you can start paying for insurance and lemon scented rubbish bags." I'm an adult, I should be allowed to wear what I want if it does no one no harm. Yet my on-air television career would almost certainly be over (you could argue that everyone wears different clothes depending on the context, but Spiderman is an icon of morality and principle, if his blue and red stripes are not acceptable in this arena what does that say of my industry? Actually don't answer that), other cinema goers would snigger and almost certainly poke fun, I might even have trouble getting a passport photo ala Israeli restrictions on Palestinian travel.

According to the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal's economic freedom index, New Zealand is the fourth most groovy and relaxed place in the world. Yet I feel like a prisoner in my own land, a second-class citizen.

To the authority of the state and all those who follow the way of belted trousers I say: deny me spandex no longer!