Stuff From My Grandmother's Garage #3 / by Jose Barbosa

Among the brick-a-brak I found the very first comic book I ever owned.  

It's an Australian reprint of DC Christmas stories, apparently culminating, as this cover suggests, with our heroes flying into solar oblivion. Note the apostrophe crime at the bottom.

Let's take a look inside ...


Jonah Hex will not abide by those damned celestials.


Wyrd Beasts, they're so weird.


Did the same to a bloke who parked in my driveway. We are living in a society, you know.


"Land O'Goshen!" I'm pretty sure that's just nonsense.



Check out Jimmy Olsen's bitching necklace! Just the thing for hitting the clubs and the hoes.


Can't go into a war zone without garters.


Minutes of fun!