Things I Do #1 / by Jose Barbosa

With the possibility of future unemployment starting to make itself known like the initial bouquet of a cracked septic tank, I thought I'd put online various bits and pieces I've made for the TVNZ7 television show Media7. The idea being, of course, that I can easily and with some degree of confidence point prospective lifestyle sponsors (employers) to examples of my work. Here's one I was quite happy with ...


This behemoth of a track (six minutes!) was for Media7's 2010 SPADA (Screen Production And Development Association) special, filmed each year at the organisation's annual conference.

A big part of the show was dedicated to the labour dispute over The Hobbit (now being filmed) and this track was designed to setup a discussion about the fracas.

Watching the track now it seems a little hard on the actors. If I did it again I'd probably couch that a little bit, but their local representatives did seem a bit clueless. However, in that climate of hysteria I wonder how collected I would have been?

And what to make of the email from Peter Jackson to Gerry Brownlee in which he states Warner Bros were more concerned with "grey areas" of NZ's employment law, than they were with the union action?

In the end there's still uncertainty over the motivations of the FIA, the MEAA and the studios behind The Hobbit. It's difficult to avoid the suspicion that the local union members were unwitting and naive chess pieces in a power play by international interests.