They're Dolls, OK? / by Jose Barbosa

My latest "thing" is collecting dolls, specifically superhero dolls made by Hong Kong outfit Hot Toys. I'm a newcomer to the collectibles game, but Hot Toys stuff just seems to go the extra mile. My Michael Keaton Batman comes with a whole arsenal of itty-bitty bat toys and a detachable bat signal in the packaging you can shine a torch through. I'm pretty damn pleased with the Iron Man Mark VI Avengers "Promo" doll from Sideshow Collectibles: glorious detail, LEDs and interchangeable missile pod thingies. It's probably not as kitted out as some of the other Iron Man dolls, but I'm happy.  They seem to have stopped orders from outside of the US and Europe, so I'm glad I got in quickly.

Time permitting, future posts will feature a full Batman Vs Iron Man rumble.