"They're Really Good!" / by Jose Barbosa

The Mint Chicks were a experimental rock/pop (otherwise known as rop or pock) band from New Zealand who were kicking arse in the 2000s. My remaining memories of their shows are accurately represented by the following video I took of their gig at The Transmission Room in 2007. It was their last gig before they moved to Portland.

A much, much better visual investigation of the Mint Chicks can be found over at The Pantograph Punch.  It's a oral history of the Mint Chicks animated by Frances Haszard and Louis Olsen (interview conducted by Luke McPake, editing by Olsen and Hayden Estmond-Mein). It's really good and a fitting invocation of the spirit of the band. The accompanying piece by Kieran Clarkin (assist by Joe Nunweek) expands on the video and is well worth reading.